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Benefits of doing business with Industrial Steering Products.
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State of the art
Our state of the art technology offers better repeatability and tighter tolerancing for higher precision parts.
Also, technology helps to reduce scrap, increase processing speeds and reduce tooling costs all leading to our cutting customer expenses.
We have the fastest, most powerful, and most accurate lasers on the market. If you are cutting parts on machines that are more than four years old it is costing you extra money.
We regularly operate three shifts and during busy times of the year our plant operates 24/7 with no added price for our customers.
Whether a need for a rapid quotation, prototype, or a change in your production schedule, we can accommodate all your needs.
Buying Power
We process over 125,000 lbs of steel plate, tube, and bar stock every week. Due to the large amount of steel that we process, we can negotiate the best prices and pass our volume discounts onto our customers.
ISO 9001:2000 certification ensures the highest level of quality reducing expensive downstream nonconforming part issue
PPAP experience to verify that the correct processes and quality measures are in place.
Our engineering services saves your company time and money through tapping our extensive manufacturing and design knowledge base.
Failure testing is a critical step before full production begins. We have experience with fatigue and ultimate stress testing.
ISP has established partnerships with many specialized venders to offer a complete range of services to our customers. Our partnerships offer additional savings through reduced supplier headaches and volume discounting for our customers.
Dedicated Customer
We can handle projects from start to finish and strive to create mutual benefiting relationships with our customers. Whether it is design suggestions, inventory control, delivery, or shipping paperwork our customer service team go the extra mile to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our service and quality.
As a family owned and run business, we can react on a dime to different customer situations.
AWS Certified
Peace of mind knowing that certified welders have produced your products.
AWS D1.1 certification.
Combat vehicle welding code 12479550 certification.
Superior product packaging prevents shipping damages and saves receiving time shipping and headaches.
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